Telescopic Banners

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The Telescopic Banner system, has in a short period of time, captured the imagination and desire of the marketing world. Designed to gain the immediate attention of those passing-by due to its great height, these flying banners can withstand all outdoor extremes. The rectangle shape, which is constantly moving and dancing with the wind attracts great attention. The Telescopic Banner’s various sizing (2.2, 3.2m, 4.2m) and mounting options allow for unlimited flexibility in usage. Telescopic Banners, (also called Teles or T-Scopics) will promote your brand or message, as they rotate smoothly in the wind and have no flapping edge. Their fabric is always pulled taut, so your message won’t ever be lost.


Advantages at a glance:

  • Full usage of large rectangle advertising space. (most branding space of all the flying banners)
  • Telescopic Banners can be combined with different stands for indoor or outdoor usage
  • Precision reinforced fibreglass poles, which snap together in seconds.
  • Top L-Bar keeps the banner visible at all times, no sagging. Easy setup within 3 minutes


Telescopic Specs:

  •        Three size options – Small – 2,2m Medium 3,3m or Large 4,3m
  • Comes with handy carry and super strong steel ground spike
  •        Reinforced Fibreglass poles, which click together


Extra Options: (These cost extra and are not included as standard items)

  •         Standard Indoor cross base with a 20L water bag or Deluxe 5kg indoor base
  • Deluxe ground peg with bearings
  • 60 or 90 degree angle mounting bracket
  • 4 pole base to create a 4 pole cluster system
  • Special clamp to mount Telescopic poles onto sides of a gazebo legs


Telescopic Print Options:

  • Single Sided Dye Sublimated full colour single sided print (this is the most popular) and is very cost effective. It allows you to achieve a 85% strike-through (see both sides).
  • Double Sided Dye Sublimated full colour double-sided print, which has two layers sewn together with a block out silver lining in the middle.


Suggestion/Tip: Use optional 4 pole cluster to create a massive branding statement.